We are a Association of faithful recognized by the Church Catholic called family of hope. our work is the in various fields social, but the main is the recovery of young dependent chemicals.

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Fazenda da Esperança is a therapeutic community that has been operating since 1983 in the process of recovering people who are looking to release their addictions, especially alcohol and drugs. Its method of reception includes three determining aspects: the Work as a pedagogical process; Coexistence in family; and the Spirituality to find the meaning of life.





The farm has its doors open to welcome men and women weakened by drug use, transforming pain into joy. The number of communities in the world has already exceeded one hundred structured units in countries in Asia, Africa, America and Europe, under continuous growth due to the globalization of the serious social problems that plague humanity.

Hope Family

People who identify with the charism of the Farm can find their vocation in the Church as part of the Hope Family – a Private Association of the Faithful, of an international character, recognized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, whose mission is bring Hope, Jesus Christ, to the greatest number of young people worldwide according to the words of Pope Benedict XVI.

“You must be ambassadors of hope”

– Pope Benedict XVI

during his visit to Fazenda in Brazil, 12th May, 2007.
-recover people from any addiction


Be Ambassador of Hope anywhere in the world, bringing joy and peace to all those around you, through community life, work and living the Gospel. To transmit the certainty that God is love and that it is possible to build a civilization of love and against all negativity and uncertainty.


To be disseminated throughout the world as a transforming influence of society.




Rescuing fraternal bonds through acceptance.


Return the person’s dignity.


Give the deeper meaning of life.


It is expressed through work to others.


Add the diversity of races, cultures and peoples.

Fazenda da Esperança welcomes young people who want to break free from drugs and alcohol

Fazenda da Esperança welcomes people between the ages of 18 and 59 who freely wish to recover from drugs, alcohol and many other types of addictions. It is necessary to enter into a 12-month educational process. Whoever intends to face this challenge takes the first step through a letter written in his own hand, showing the reasons for his desire to seek new life. Those interested in a vacancy should send their request for help to the community closest to their residence.

Thus, it allows your relatives to visit you from the third month, when relationships are resumed, in order to overcome together the problems generated by drugs and alcohol. The candidate receives an explanation of the procedures and rules to be followed to recover in one of the Fazenda da Esperança communities. On the day of the interview, documents, medical examinations and sobriety are required. The welcoming is done by the local coordination team and depends mainly on the personal willingness and willingness to become a “new man”, demonstrated by the candidate.

The Fazenda’s great differential is to welcome pregnant women and mothers with their children, unlike other communities and recovery clinics. The female part considers it important that the mother has her children close by and does not distance herself during the period of 12 months. These women go through a path of accompaniment, where love transforms so many lives and the family gains an even greater meaning.


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